The Humans’ Story

Welcome to my blog–or, perhaps more accurately, my dogs’ blog–where the story of my life is only slightly eclipsed by the fascinating daily shenanigans of The Pig Dog (Babe) and Banjo.

Photo by Kim Gray


Situated (oh-so-happily) in a beautiful cape cod in Bristol, Connecticut, my husband and I live with our dogs while Ivan begins his professional career as a family physician at the University of Connecticut.

Although our worldly travels have been admittedly exciting and we live a life that most dream of (some wistfully and some nightmarishly), I’ll only bore you with the details occasionally and interspersed with brief posts about the canine adventures of Babe and Banjo.

For the record, this is our story:

Ivan, my husband, is a resident physician at the University of Connecticut.  We spent the first two years of his M.D. program in Grenada, West Indies.  The last two years we spent in New York City, where Ivan wrapped up his clinical training.

Now, in his first year (of three) as a resident physician, we’re finally able to settle down a bit in beautiful New England and enjoy his new title as Doctor.

And this is our history:

Ivan and I grew up in Erie, Pennsylvania where we went to junior high and senior high school together. We’ve been friends since we were 13 and have been romantically involved since we were 17. We went to prom together in our senior year of high school and, later, attended college together at Penn State – Erie.

After we graduated from college in 2007, we got married.

We’ve traveled together, vacationing in North Carolina, California and Alaska. We spent a summer in Europe, traveling around England, Italy and Belgium. We’ve traveled to Canada a few times and lived for 2 years in the Caribbean. Now we can add New York City  and New England to our list and only time will tell what’s next!