Meet the Pack

Her name is Allison. (That’s me!)  His name is Ivan.

She is a photographer and artist who loves cooking almost as much as she loves eating. She crochets, writes and makes candles!  She runs as often as weather permits, but is just as happy going for a hike or long walk with her family (2 legs and 4 legs).  She doesn’t like mixed drinks or soda, but is hopelessly dependent on coffee.  She is the luckiest mother to a gorgeous little girl.


He is a pragmatic physician with an engineering background and a weakness for old fashioned doughnuts.  He has a green thumb and a mind for politics.  He loves going for long hikes and even climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro.  Just like her, he would spend every sunny afternoon walking with his little girl and pup through a wooded park and end the day playing games or watching a movie.

 Her name is Lyra. (She’s the best.)

She is a blue-eyed baby with feathery hair and a button nose. Her laughs are squeals of joy and her cuddles make the world a better place. She is hopelessly in love with her doggy and adores being outside to play in the fresh air. She brings her family true joy and brightens every moment.

Her name is Banjo.

She became part of the family in New York City in 2015. She moved with them after a year to Connecticut and after 3 years, moved again to Pennsylvania. Now she spends her days going for runs with the family, exploring the woods behind her house and being little Lyra’s best friend in the whole world.