Meet the Pack

Her name is Allison. (That’s me!)  His name is Ivan.

She is a photographer and artist who loves cooking almost as much as she loves eating. She learned how to knit lately and her favorite hat is the first one she ever knitted, flaws and all!  She runs as often as weather permits, but is just as happy going for a hike or long walk with him and them.  She doesn’t like mixed drinks or soda, but is hopelessly dependent on coffee.  She’s a great fan of candles and, given the chance, will sleep lying diagonally in their bed.


He is a pragmatic physician with an engineering background and a weakness for old fashioned doughnuts.  He has a green thumb and a mind for politics.  He loves going for long hikes and completed a 26.2-mile (marathon) hike through central Pennsylvania with his father-in-law.  Just like her, he would spend every sunny afternoon walking with them through a wooded park and end the day playing games or watching a movie.


 Her name is Babe. (The Pig Dog.)

She is a honey-eyed cuddler whose idea of a perfect day includes sleeping in a sunspot and eating great mounds of shredded cheese.  Don’t let the slow movements and lazy glances bely her playful nature, though, as she also has a penchant for sudden bouts of puppy horseplay with her.  She loves them and fully supports their love of walking the pack.  Her favorite sounds are grunts, snorts, snores and any other variety of barnyard noises.


Her name is Banjo.

She was an unanticipated addition to the pack, but fit her squishy face into family photos with relative ease. Still a puppy and learning how to control her energy, she spends most of her days romping around the house like a dizzy spider monkey. Though she finds love in any dog at the park, her first love (and number-one rumpus buddy) will always be her. Favorite pastimes for the floppy puppy include endless games of fetch, chasing the diabolical laser pointer, walking with them and pouncing on her.


His name was Ajax.

Our Beloved Ajax

After over a year of battling Cancer, he was finally given the rest he could never find. On March 13, 2015, Ajax the porcupine dog ended the battle and died in their arms. Gone from this world, he now spends his time resting in their hearts.

He was the boy who changed misconceptions and gained fans wherever he went. He was the one who loved to swim at the beach and chase a ball. He loved children and cats and birds and other dogs. He made their lives full and will always stay with them.