Whipped Cream for the Win

I posted not too long ago about a little trip we took with Babe to Starbucks. We treated ourselves to some lovely caffeinated drinks and Babe got her own cup of house-made whipped cream.

Babe loves whipped cream and, as it turns out, so does Banjo.


We try not to give them too much since it’s not terribly good for them. And, frankly, we don’t eat much of the stuff ourselves for the same reason.

Recently we had some friends visiting for a long weekend and I decided to make a fresh fruit trifle. After 3 layers, my trifle bowl was completely full and I still had a little whipped cream left in the container. So, I did what anyone else would have done. I shared.

mov-3002 mov-3011

The dogs took turns cleaning out the tub. Banjo did a great job of keeping the whipped cream off of her face. With that crazy long tongue of hers, it wasn’t too hard.


Babe, on the other hand, jammed her thick head right into the container, snorting like the pig she’s named after, smearing whipped cream all over her snout, jowls and fat skull.

mov-3022 mov-3024

Fortunately, Banjo was kind enough to lend a helping hand with cleanup… Or perhaps it was a helping tongue.

mov-2997 mov-3029

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