February BarkBox Taste Testing and Review

Despite what my absence may have implied, the dogs did in fact get a BarkBox last month. And, in my diligence, I did photograph their happiness as they got to try everything.

February’s box was celebrating the lunar New Year. The toys, especially, were adorable!


Here’s a list of what was inside last month and what the dogs think…

Fortune Cookie ($14)

IMG_1948 IMG_1951 IMG_1953

Banjo’s Thoughts: A toy with a crinkly fortune tag? Yes, please! Banjo loves crinkly toys. This over-sized plush fortune cookie also has a squeaker inside. Unfortunately, it was broken when it arrived, so no squeaking for Banjo. A little disappointing, sure, that’s the first toy we’ve received that was defective. But Banjo won’t put it down long enough to send it in for a replacement, so it’s still been well-received!

Lucky the Cat ($14)

IMG_1943 IMG_1946

Banjo’s Thoughts: Banjo’s very first “giggler” toy! Shake it and that cat makes a goofy googly sound that seems to just call Banjo’s name. Despite having that noise maker, Banjo still seems more interested in the fortune cookie — perhaps because it has a crinkly tag that she can easily grab and toss.

Bamboo Shoots ($9)

IMG_1954 IMG_1955 IMG_1959 IMG_1960

Banjo and Babe’s Thoughts: Not really made out of Bamboo shoots — which is good, because these two love their meat snacks! These long treats are soft and chewy, great for dental hygiene and the dog gobbled them up!

Sweet Duck Dog Biscuits ($10)

IMG_1966 IMG_1969 IMG_1973 IMG_1974 IMG_1981

Banjo and Babe’s Thoughts: Super adorable — I mean, biscuits made with duck and shaped like a duck? That’s way cute! And Babe not only agrees, but also believes that they are most tasty little morsels. Banjo, on the other hand, wasn’t totally won over. She took the little duck, chewed its head off and nudged the rest onto the floor for Babe. Oh well, you can’t win them all!

Trachea ($7)

Babe’s Thoughts: While Mom is holding back her lunch and making a horrible gagging noise, Babe is doing back flips to get her chompers around this (ahem) cow throat. Ick! OK, so I’m a little squeamish when it comes to identifiable body parts. But, I can’t deny that the dogs were going bonkers over this chew! Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to break it in half, so Babe was the lucky duck and made quick work of her lovely treat!

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