Happy Birthday Banjo

So, yesterday was Banjo’s birthday and, between me being out of town all last week and Ivan pushing through his last few weeks of clinical rotations, we darn near missed it! Talk about a tragedy!


But of course we didn’t miss it. I picked up Banjo’s birthday cake on Monday and, since I was already at the store and since the store happened to carry them, I also picked up a simple paper birthday hat. Because… why not? It’s not every day this sweet pup turns one, so we might as well get festive!


I got the cake from the same store that I picked up Babe’s birthday cake in January. This time, though, I didn’t buy Bubba Rose’s shelf-stable cake. Instead, I picked up a refrigerated version. And I’m pleased to say that it cut much easier than the first and the dogs devoured it!

IMG_2019 IMG_2035

Banjo, having never sat at the table before (that’s strictly off-limits any other time of the year), was understandably confused. And that confusion was compounded when I plopped a wedge of cake in front of her, strapped on her celebratory cone hat and started taking pictures.


After a little (or more than a little) coaxing and coercing, Banjo was kind enough to slide the cake around the table before finally grabbing it in her comically jowly mouth and leaping to the safety of the floor, where she enjoyed the birthday treat thoroughly.

The crumbs on the table were a bit of a distraction for the pups before I was able to clean the whole mess up.

IMG_2048 IMG_2051 IMG_2047

Naturally, Babe had a go at the cake as well. And, in her walleyed fashion, hoovered the piece, emerging with Banjo’s birthday hat perched on her cheek.

IMG_2040 IMG_2039

Ah… what would I do without these two?

IMG_2034 IMG_2044

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