Yes, Babe is a Jammie-Wearing She-Elf

Ever since I stumbled across one of the absolute cutest Instagram accounts I’ve ever seen — The Blue Boys — I’ve wanted to dress Babe in some snuggly, feetie pajamas. Darren and Phillip are often depicted happily wearing some fabulous pajamas, so I knew there had to be some out there that I could get my hands on.

Blueboys- our favourite photos ever! #goodbye2015 The photo that started it all. 馃挆

A photo posted by D A R R E N & P H I L L I P (@the_blueboys) on

I have, since first deciding that I needed to get Babe some jam-jams, realized that the blue boys’ outfits are actually probably not dog clothing, but are simply children’s clothes that look even more adorable on a couple of smiling staffies.

So I took to the Internet, punching in a search for dog pajamas on Amazon. I got quite a few hits! Unfortunately, the largest size I could find — deceptively labeled XXL — fit a pug at the most. There was no way I could squeeze Babe’s charming butt into those!

So I picked up a set of 2T girls’ pajamas at the store (that should fit an average 2-year-old child, for those of you who don’t know). Babe wasn’t anywhere near small enough. So I exchanged them for a 4T. Still, there was no way Babe was squeezing into that one-piece fleece jam-jam.

Finally, I recently stumbled across a post on The Lucky Pups聽that showed a creamy-eyed Pibble named Cairo fashionably wearing some doggy jammies. Cairo’s mommy, Wendy, gave me the info I desperately needed — seek the glorious puppy PJs at Target!

I did, immediately, and happily report that Babe has a very cute elf pajama set. She’s smitten and so am I!


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