December BarkBox Taste Testing and Reviewing

With the holiday season came the anticipated, but nevertheless frustrating, delay in post. So this month’s BarkBox delivery, which usually takes 1 day to arrive, took 8 days instead. Really, 8 days isn’t that big of a deal. The shipment still came before Christmas, so the pups got to enjoy their treats and toys before the hubs and I even got to unwrap ours.

Still, that extra week of waiting was just excruciating for us. And by “us” I mean me, myself and I, since the dogs had no idea what I was looking for in every delivery.


But arrive it did and the dogs were simply ecstatic when they realized that special box was delivered just for them.

So… what’s inside December’s BarkBox? Take a look!

Dogzilla Penguin Egg rubber toy


Babe and Banjo’s thoughts: So much fun! (Banjo is chewing on it as I type this.) Both pup’s dove right in with this one. It’s easy to grab and hold, which means they’ve used it for great games of tug-of-war already!

But… they did bite a hole through it already, so it may not be as durable as advertised. Also, it recommends putting treats in the ball, but it’s so huge, you’d have to put the whole bag of treats in there!

Pixel Penguin toy


Banjo’s thoughts: This is one durable toy! (More durable than its egg!) The penguin is stuffing free, which translates to no mess for Mommy, but has plenty of fun features. The head is a tennis ball, flippers and feet are crinkly, perimeter is rope and the center is 3 squeakers. It’s got a lot going on and, though I think that it will last a long time, it may not get as much play as some of Banjo’s softer toys. She just prefers those plushies that she can shake and toss without worrying about giving herself a black eye.

Savory Yumm Sticks pork treat

IMG_1338 IMG_1342

Babe and Banjo’s thoughts: “Gulp! More, please!”

Seriously, I almost wanted to eat this. It looked just like a Slim Jim. And the dogs loved it!

Fido Friendly Fruitcake treats


Babe and Banjo’s thoughts: My dogs are not ones to turn down treats, so these were gone in a flash. But there was a considerable amount of crumbs to clean up since these cookies are pretty big, very hard and require a lot of messy chomping.

Caru Duck Recipe Treats

IMG_1314 IMG_1319

Babe and Banjo’s thoughts: This is more like it! Flavorful, free of grain, antibiotics and hormones and, above all, chewy! That’s an added bonus for Babe, who’s teeth are getting tender in her older age. These are a real win in the Pig and Banjo household!

BarkBox Treat Tin


As an added bonus, this month we got a treat tin that has the perfect holding capacity for the 2 bags of treats that arrived in the delivery!

Want to try BarkBox for your special pup(s)? Subscribe today and get a free box by using the coupon code PIGDOG!

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