The Pig Dog is on Instaham!

I’ve had an Instagram account for a while now to promote my paintings. And interspersed in the artwork, I sometimes dropped a photo or two of the pups.

But it occurred to me that I take a lot — I mean A LOT — of pictures of the dogs. Why weren’t we taking advantage of a picture-driven social media platform like Instagram?

Well, mistake rectified. Now the Pig Dog and her trusty sidekick are making new friends through cute pictures and well-placed hashtags.

What do you mean it's not a real crown? šŸ‘‘ #rednose #ilovedogs #notabully #nobull

A photo posted by Babe & Banjo (@pigdog_and_banjo) on

So, if theĀ tediousness of reading a few hundred words in between photos of squishy-faced cuteness gets to be too much, you can feel free to avoid the wordy headache and get your picture fix by following @pigdog_and_banjo


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