November BarkBox Taste Testing and Reviewing

A few months ago, the hubs and I realized that Banjo likes toys. No, wait. That’s an understatement. Banjo loves them. She’s obsessed with her toys. Not only that, but she also doesn’t seem to have a preference with them.

Every day Banjo spends her time pulling toys out of her toy box. She doesn’t always grab the same ones. She’ll dig to the bottom and grab ones that she hasn’t played with in a week and spend an hour tossing them around the living room.

We realized that she was a perfect candidate for BarkBox, the subscription service that delivers high-quality pet supplies to your door each month.


Babe isn’t an enormous fan of toys. No, wait. That’s an understatement. Babe has zero interest in toys. But she is a fan of food.

So every month, when that delivery comes, Banjo gets 2 new toys to toss and squeak and shake endlessly, while Babe gets a pig ear or a bully stick or whatever other tasty chewy snack is included.

And as for the 2 bags of treats? Well, both of the pups get to enjoy those.

What’s inside November’s BarkBox? Take a look!

Stuffed corn toy with squeaker and crinkly husk (It must have been very popular since the entire Farm Fresh Set on BarkBox has sold out!)

IMG_0813 IMG_0835

Banjo’s thoughts: Fun toy! The crinkly husk made it a lot more exciting than just a usual play toy and the shape makes it easy to carry. Unfortunately, even the double stitching couldn’t hold up to her exuberance and she managed to tear a little of the corn open and pull out the squeaker. The good news is that’s all she was after. Now she’s happy to keep playing without tearing it up anymore!

3 Leaves on Rope tug toy


IMG_0815 IMG_0839

Banjo’s thoughts: Anything that entices Babe to play tug-of-war with Banjo is a winner in this house! And Banjo actually had a little luck getting Babe to grab on for a few minutes before the Pig Dog lost interest. Banjo isn’t quite done with the toy, but compared to the soft cob of corn, the rope and tough canvas-like leaves aren’t quite as fun to toss and shake.

Nature’s Bits Treats with Apple and Bison

IMG_0846 IMG_0848


IMG_0843 IMG_0844

Pig Dog and Banjo’s thoughts: Soft treats? Those are always the best because we don’t even have to chew them! Seriously, these guys love treats and as an added bonus, these are grain-free snacks!

Half Pig Ear

Pig Dog’s thoughts: Om Nom Nom! Slurp! Crunch! Gulp Nom Nom!

Honey Baked Ham treats

IMG_0850 IMG_0853 IMG_0855 IMG_0857

Pig Dog and Banjo’s thoughts: Crunchy treats? Just as good as soft treats! We will eat them too!

Want to try BarkBox for your special pup(s)? Subscribe today and get a free box by using the coupon code PIGDOG!

4 thoughts on “November BarkBox Taste Testing and Reviewing

  1. Fantastic photographs, as always. Sadly, my pooches are unable to have treats and they are both driven by food and toys, but mostly food. I do however have a trick or two up my sleeve and one that does not upset their delicate tums.

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