The Season We’ve Missed for Years

It’s finally here! (And, frankly, almost gone already, too!) I’m talking about autumn, of course. My favorite time of year!


Since I was old enough to appreciate the unlikely reality of Halloween—I actually got rewarded with an almost limitless amount of free candy for dressing in a cape and acting wild (now that’s only possible if an almost limitless amount of alcohol is somehow involved)—I have loved autumn.


Of course it’s no longer the prospect of a sugar-fueled evening of caped crusadery that leaves me forevermore in love with autumn, but the spectacular kaleidoscope my world turns into when October rolls around and the trees smolder in vibrant oranges and reds against the chilled grey sky.


Speaking of chilled grey sky, I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention the desperate need I have around September for a break from the heat of the summer. And, in response, along comes autumn to cut through the humidity and give me a perfect excuse to start baking again (how on earth would I warm up otherwise?!).


As I look out our front window at the rusty red leaves of a pin oak, I’m reminded of how much has changed in just one year. Around this time in 2013, we were preparing to end our two years abroad in the West Indies. The skies were blue and without a hint of chill. The palm trees were green, the beaches pristine and winter seemed a lifetime away.


2 thoughts on “The Season We’ve Missed for Years

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